On My Revision Process

The History of the Project

So Zonduth has gone through some pretty crazy revisions.

First iteration? Over a decade old. Not much written on it, mostly just us starting to develop our own worlds and characters.

Then a couple of years ago, we decided to revisit. Built upon what we already had and realized the importance of having a solid worldbuilding foundation. Everything we built crumbled because we didn’t know how our world worked, its politics and its societies.

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[Perry] Monster Hunter 4U

Oh, you had SO better believe I’m writing about this.

I’m aware that this crowd isn’t really much for the handhelds, but you know what? Maybe you’ve got kids at the right age (or, ya know…31, like me >.>”) or nephews that could use a little bit of a time-sucking black hole of a hobby in their lives that this would be useful for.

I am, of course, talking about the recently released Monster Hunter 4U and what it’s done to my life.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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Web Accessiblity

As part of my UI/UX role at my job, I have been asked to assist with the project to make our website accessible to those using a screen reader.

Holy. Buckets.

This is no small task.

I mean, the really simple stuff that can make your site minimally usable? That’s relatively easy as long as you’re writing good code.

Actually trying to USE a website via a screen reader — even with the full use of my non-impaired vision? It’s a nightmare. (A hilarious nightmare if you tell your installed extension ChromeVox to have a female British accent at a slightly sped up speed)

This is kind of a big deal, and it’s really fascinating to read up on it and learn.

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Pardon The Dust

Swapping blog themes again. I’m going to try out the new 2015 base wordpress theme — it’s responsive, lightweight, accessible (more on this topic in Monday’s post), and fully supported by all the things. (ALL THE THINGS)

It’s also very simplistic and lends itself to customization. A nice feature that I’ll likely be taking advantage of in the near future.

In the meantime, I think I’ll start with the dark theme but if any of you find it too difficult to read, please let me know? Usually I don’t like super dark themes, but this one feels easy on my eyes … doesn’t mean you will all agree and I don’t mind swapping it out.


On Hobbies and Disciplines

We recently watched American Ham, a stand-up “comedy” routine by Nick Offerman (of Parks & Recreation fame, playing Ron Swanson). Amidst the admittedly well-over-the-top raunchiness there were some truly spectacular pieces of advice.

The most hard-hitting advice he gave was to have a “hobby”. He admits during the show that he hates the word “hobby” — it’s a fun word to say, but it doesn’t suit what he’s talking about. For some reason, the word “hobby” makes it sound like something unimportant. Frivolous.

So he calls them “disciplines” (which I think makes them sound a little TOO intimidating but since I can’t find a better word, I’m throwing no stones here).

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[Perry] John Wick and Assassin’s Guilds

So Tami and I had a virtual arm wrestle to see who got to write about this topic.

I won, she lost flex.

…Or, you know, she had too many posts lined up so I took this one off her hands. Either one, really, you know? Whatever works!

Anyway, over the course of the weekend, I watched a movie called John Wick on Tami’s recommendation.

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On Keeping a Story in Check

Or, more appropriately, how I failed miserably to keep a story in check.

Fantasy is NOTORIOUSLY difficult to shorten unless the differences from real life are relatively small and easy to understand.

Many readers can delve into an Urban Fantasy with werewolf packs and Vampire covens with minimal wordcount spent on explaining. These days, most folks have an idea of what a werewolf looks like, and how a vampire behaves.

However, every NEW thing you expose your readers to needs explanation. And the more of that new stuff happened before your story starts? The more difficult it is to succinctly introduce a character and a problem that should be resolved in a short story. Or heck, for many of us? Even an entire novel.

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[Perry] Dragon Age: Inquisition

EDIT: Spoilers Ahead

Inquisition is the third installment in the Dragon Age video game franchise.

The trailer can be found here if you wanted to take a look.


Like the previous installments in the series, the game starts with a catastrophic event that you (as the bold and dashing main character) is linked to in some form or another.

Beset by questions and suspicions on all sides, you must rally a team, unite the armies of the country under one banner in order to deal with the threat of monsters, gods, demons, what have you and send them packing.

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