[Perry] Lessons Learned From Flinx and Pip Part 1

So recently, I got a hold of an old science fiction series written by Alan Dean Foster that I read bits and pieces of when I was much younger.

When I first ran into the characters of Flinx and Pip, I was…not quite as sophisticated and mature a reader as I am now. I loved these characters and the world unabashedly.

But the libraries around me only had the books in scattered bits and bobs, I’d only managed read a book here, a book there. Still, what I’d read, I’d really enjoyed and I thought that one day, it would be nice if I could go through it all, in order, from start to finish, just to really know what the overarching story was about.

Well, I had that opportunity just a little while ago, and suffice to say, it’s an experience I should have left in my past.

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Post Slowdown

I’ve been trying to get at least one post a week out here, and I think it’s been stressing me out on the weeks when I feel like I don’t have much to say.

So, experiment time! I’m going to post whenever I DO feel like I have something worthwhile to say (whether that be about sushi or gaming or writing, who knows?!) but I expect there’ll be a very distinct slowdown in the posts I write.

Perry may keep going like a pro, you know how he is. =]

As a reminder, you can sign up for the weekly newsletter direct to your email if you want to know when I do stuff without having to manually check (feed readers are also a valid option, but I know not everyone uses those).

lovemuffins I hope everyone’s doing well!

[Perry] Importance of Lighting in Description

There’s a lot of cross-….pollination? That can be done between the art of filming/photography and the art of writing.

I’m more than reasonably sure that’s not the right word to use, but it’s the word I’m using for now, so there.

But regardless, I think there’s a lot that the study or the examination of these other disciplines can do to benefit your writing, or at least, your ‘writing eye.’

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I love sushi. I’m not gonna lie.

But I’m a terrible sushi consumer because I add a ton of tamari (gluten-free soy sauce) and wasabi and that’s no way to enjoy QUALITY sushi.

I don’t care. That burn is so so so good. And the flavors? Muah! Magnifique!

But even with the relatively inexpensive cost of the sushi rolls at my favorite place (conveniently located near my work, Sushi Muramoto — I recommend it if you’re visiting Madison) … I need to set some funding boundaries.

But I love sushi. But money. But sushi!

deep sigh It’s a true conundrum, friends.

So I solved it by making my own “sushi”!

Why Call it Sushi-Q?

Honestly? Because true sushi-afficionados would be insulted that I would call it sushi. I don’t use raw fish in any of my rolls (I’m not confident in my skills or my supply).

Also? I’m going to be making rolls that most definitely aren’t sushi-related. They’ll just LOOK like sushi.

For example, I made a glorious roll out of ground pork chops and herbed cheese and roasted red peppers. You don’t get that roll in this post because the seaweed wrap didn’t quite work with it, but experimentation is a go!

So yes. All my stuff, I’m calling Sushi-Q, even if it’s pretty-darn-close to what a bargain sushi joint would give you.

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[Perry] Review of “Revival” by Stephen King

Note: I will do my best to avoid spoilers in the post, but the comments section may contain spoilers to this novel, that novel, and seventeen movies you were planning to get around to someday.

So this morning on my drive to work (Tuesday), I came to the end of an audiobook by Stephen King called Revival.

It’s his most recently published novel, and if you’ve followed along with King’s works recently, you’ll know that he sort of goes through troughs. He’ll put out some good books, then a lemon or two, then back to good books, before inevitably bombing another book or two.

This? I think is perfectly reasonable for a man who publishes as prolifically as he does.

But all that aside, let’s talk about this book.

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10% Time At Work

As a web programmer, I work with the most fickle and ever-changing environments possible. Devices, languages, standards, aesthetics, best-practices, and browsers don’t sit still just because I’m not in school anymore.

But when I go home, I want to relax. Work out. Read a good book. Blog about how badly I want to write a good book.

You know. Stuff.

So while there are those dedicated programmers out there who scour industry news in their off-time, I (and other programmers like me) are likely to rest happily with the knowledge we have. We do our job and don’t really take the time to look into things like Node.js without some external impetus to do so.

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The Great British Bake Off

My mom recently introduced me to this show. I don’t have cable tv, so we watch it on Youtube, where the episodes are smallified and sometimes the audio is sped up a little, but it’s worth it. It is so incredibly worth it. I really wish it was available on Netflix.

Like many cooking competition shows, it starts with a goodly number of people and week by week whittles them down until a winner is declared.

Unlike all of the other cooking competition shows I’ve watched, this is a sheer delight. These are all amateur bakers who love what they’re doing. But more than that is that even though they want to win, they never intentionally sabotage or even look sour when others are doing well. Instead, if you watch the faces of the other bakers, they cheer with the good comments and offer comfort when things go wrong. They’ll even help each other during their own downtime because they want everyone to be able to do their best.

When someone leaves, there are hugs and commisseration and it’s just so wonderful.

Plus all the accents are amazing, of course. =]

We started watching Season 5 and I think that’s as good a place to start as any.

On Starting Fresh With a New World

Let’s say you’re struck with a fantastic new concept. What if (for example) the battle for the souls of humanity is even more pitched than we know? What if angels and demons appear at the time of death for souls “on the fence” and hold a small official court hearing to determine the destination for that soul?

And what if Hell is winning because all the really good lawyers go to Hell (lol, lawyer jokes never get old — they’re almost as villified as Nazis) and so the main character is a less-than-pristine soul that got in to Heaven on a technicality and now has to train a bunch of lily-white angels in courtroom politics.

Bam. New world. Inklings of an actual plot in there, so just start typing away, am I right?



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