Passwords and Internet Security

With the recent Heartbleed security fail, many sites are recommending that you change your username/password, just in case. Which is, admittedly, a giant pain. We all KNOW we shouldn't use the same password everywhere, but creating a new, unique, strong password for every site you use can be a pretty impossible task. Strong Passwords Don't […]

[Anne] Last Week

Tami Comment: This probably no longer applies to "last week" as Anne has graciously supplied multiple posts. Last week, I was working with some fifth graders getting them ready for the state mandated test that is well loved by anyone who has no children and is not at all involved in education. I was reviewing […]

[Perry] Don't Force Symbolism

A while ago, I listened to the audiobook On Writing, by Stephen King. I've touched on a few of his topics in the past, but this is one of the last bits of advice that I've gleaned from my listening experience and I want to share it with you today. It has to do with […]

[Anne] Spring Break

When I was young, beautiful and very smart, I was also well organized. Somewhere along the way, in a life that I thought was well- structured, ambitious and meaningful, I was pinpointed as a disruption in the universe and since that time, the universe has been throwing chaos my way to prove a point about […]