Sundrop Acres – Dragon

Mr. Moore and I are working on a children’s book, codename Sundrop Acres. I can’t remember if I mentioned it here or not, but the general gist of it involves a ridiculous amount of cute and requires that I be able to draw a character multiple times.

Having never really managed to draw the same character multiple times while maintaining a uniform character design … this has been an interesting project for me.

One of the main characters is a dragon. I’m still finalizing the design, but I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek at my sketchbook.

Original dragon concept. His body style has changed from this, but I still love it.

Somewhere in my sketches, this angry fellow developed. Mr. Moore promptly fell in love with him. He won’t do for the primary character, but he might make an appearance if we do further books. The text that you probably can’t read came from Mr. Moore and says “Do you have any idea how much it pisses me off to not have any fists?!”

Working on body designs. We’re thinking he’ll lose his arms, but I haven’t quite settled on one design yet.

Working on the design of the head.

12 thoughts on “Sundrop Acres – Dragon”

  1. @Ambrosine
    Sizing for animals and objects in Sundrop Acres is based on the very scientific rule of “whatever is cutest”.

    Enpocketment is totally allowed. ^_^

  2. @Lauren
    More pictures in tomorrow’s post! (Oh yes. Hooking up the scanner netted enough scans for me to pre-populate FOUR sketchdumps. Ridiculous.)

    Tomorrow, we meet the other major character in Sundrop Acres. And HER design is about 99% finalized. <3

    There’s also a bulldog puppy pic that is half-colored in my sketchbook. *glee* I wonder what THAT could be? *evil evil*

  3. Adorable!! The angry one especially, I want to cuddle him to cheer him up!

    I hope your little guy doesn’t lose his arms after all though. I always feel somehow sad for dragons with only wings and two legs, even though I know they couldn’t possibly miss what they never had.


    If I didn’t have fists with which to punch, I’d be a grumpy little dragon, too. Hoosagrumpydragon? Hooisit? *tickles*

    I have the same issues with character consistency. Forcing myself to draw the same character with the same features over and over again is a serious challenge! It looks like you’re nailing it, though! :)

    But anyway, EEEeeee at his stubby little tail *pinch* :D :D :D
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..Commission Status Update! =-.

  5. @Carrie
    If he DOES keep the forearms, they’ll be tiny little t-rex style legs. It’s a constant battle waged at my house, with Mr. Moore advocating no forearms, and myself arguing that they’re CUTE little stubby forearms.


    You took a day that weren’t so bad to begin with and soccer kicked it all the way to spacetastic, all with one comment. Hoosagrumpydragon?


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