My car's name is Oscar.

Naming my car was probably the first sign that I was going to be a car-talker. Car-whisperer. Car-chatter. What do you think is a good term?

Praising the car for a job well done.

"Nice one, Oscar! That was a tricky parking situation."

Begging the car.

"Please, please make it up this hill."

Caressing the car (steering wheel, dashboard, etc).

"There's a good car." *pat, pat*

Apologizing to the car.

"Oh man, that was stupid of me, I'm so sorry, Oscar. We could have gotten hurt."

Bribing the car.

"Just get me to the gas station before you run out, Oscar, and I swear I'll give you a car wash. A wax. Whatever you want, just keep moving."


In CHOOSE, Hank talks to the Miraj (especially in the installment that'll go live this evening).

I don't remember Captain Picard ever talking to the Enterprise, but I think Mal talked to Serenity and Han Solo talked to theĀ MillenniumĀ Falcon.

Do you recall any other characters that talk to their vehicles?

Real Life

Do YOU talk to YOUR car? I'm guilty of all of the above, but maybe you do one or two but couldn't imagine (for example) actually bribing your car.

Any other bribers out there who feel honor-bound to fulfill the promise of the bribe?

Also, how many of you named your car? Is there a story behind the name? Does anyone who named their car NOT talk to their car?