7 thoughts on “Art! Spiritwalker Necari

  1. Perry

    I’m loving the look of the wings, the combination of traditional dragon wings mixed with feathers.

    And the little voodoo fetishes are a nice little flavor touch as well.

    • Love the skydancer look. And Clan Ith has a skill for apparel. ^_^

  2. Angie

    Very cool, Tami! You are so talented!

  3. Ooh, making them transition to digital then? Are you still trying to keep up your traditional work or are you make the switch for good? I’m a bit on the fence about switching totally to digital, but it just seems thats where the art world is heading. Plus learning 3D modelling you need digital art skills for texturing and rendering models.

  4. Mother of Three, Anne

    Lovely! It is at once adorable and dark.

    • <3 Thank you! Exactamente what I was aiming for!

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