I don't believe our esteemed Authoress will be able to put up a post today, so I'm totally using this opportunity to hoist the colors and mount a raid.

This shan't be a long post.

I just want to share a link to a beautiful, beautiful something, and then leave you all with a tidbit of information that I hope will make you feel as old as it made me feel.


Look at this beautiful thing. 

Gods, isn't it gorgeous?

I don't really get behind using it as an iPad cover or anything...but apparently, the person who makes these can custom make it for Kindles and various ereaders as well.

Whenever I next happen to upgrade my Kindle, I am definitely, definitely doing to be looking into this cover.

Because? Then truly, the story WILL BE Neverending.


Gods, secondly...

There was a Disney movie a while back involving a bunch of lions, a nod to Hamlet, and some of the catchiest Disney songs ever written.

Oh yeah, The Lion King.

You guys know that movie?

That movie turns TWENTY years old today.


Think about that for a while.

Then? If you'd like to join me? I'll be in a corner, eating chocolate ice cream out of a tub as I try to make myself feel better.