[Perry] Emergency Broadcast

I don’t believe our esteemed Authoress will be able to put up a post today, so I’m totally using this opportunity to hoist the colors and mount a raid.

This shan’t be a long post.

I just want to share a link to a beautiful, beautiful something, and then leave you all with a tidbit of information that I hope will make you feel as old as it made me feel.


Look at this beautiful thing. 

Gods, isn’t it gorgeous?

I don’t really get behind using it as an iPad cover or anything…but apparently, the person who makes these can custom make it for Kindles and various ereaders as well.

Whenever I next happen to upgrade my Kindle, I am definitely, definitely doing to be looking into this cover.

Because? Then truly, the story WILL BE Neverending.


Gods, secondly…

There was a Disney movie a while back involving a bunch of lions, a nod to Hamlet, and some of the catchiest Disney songs ever written.

Oh yeah, The Lion King.

You guys know that movie?

That movie turns TWENTY years old today.


Think about that for a while.

Then? If you’d like to join me? I’ll be in a corner, eating chocolate ice cream out of a tub as I try to make myself feel better.

4 thoughts on “[Perry] Emergency Broadcast

  1. Jenny Gibbons

    What kills me is that I think of things like The Lion King and The Little Mermaid as ‘late’ Disney. As in, Disney from when I was ‘too old’ for Disney. And now it’s having its 20th anniversary?

    Sigh. I had better not mention the earliest Disney movie I ever saw in a theater. I’ll start to wonder why I’m not dead yet!

    • Perry

      You want another one?

      Finding Nemo?


  2. Mother of Three, Anne

    The Lion King!

    I remember when Oldest Son got the chicken pox and he would wake up in the middle of the night all itchy. And while we waited for the benadryl to kick in, we would sit and watch the Lion King. Oldest Son does not remember THAT, but he does remember that the Lion King is his favorite Disney movie.

    ALSO, when he was little and still had no siblings, he would make me play Little Mermaid with him. He was Flounder and I had to be Ariel, although I always wanted to be the witch, and I had to sing all sweet to him.

    Maybe…just maybe…when you had to watch those movies 5,000,000,000million times it does not seem like that much time has passed since they were first released. Maybe you are just grateful that you don’t have to watch that movie 15 times a week and have all the dialogue memorized anymore.

    Here, take my spoon. I don’t really need it for this, Perry. I just know when I need it back, you will be glad to return it.

    • Perry

      I dunno what you’re talking about, cause I can totally quote massive swatches of all of the ‘classic’ Disney movies.

      Do not talk to me about not knowing all the dialogue!

      ….Thank you for the spoon, Anne.

      …I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this.

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