Scent Magic: Dead Heat, Part 1

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Scent Magic: Dead Heat, Part 1

A webserial I’ll be working on — I need to get back into the realm of deadlines, grease my rusty writing gears, and do SOMETHING while we’re rebuilding the foundation of the Zonduth story. Expect somewhat-regular updates.

Dead Heat is one of Rose’s adventures — a modern-day Texas witch who wears an eyepatch to cover the eye that can pierce the veil into the land of Faery. She gets suckered into a deal with a Leprechaun (definitely a trap) and finds herself well out of her league investigating claims of magical cheating at the horse races. The question isn’t whether or not there’s cheating — it’s who is cheating, how they’re doing it … and whether or not she’ll survive poking her nose into a mystery that is well above her pay grade.

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