Wecomics Worth Your Time

July 31, 2014

I am going to keep this list very, VERY short.

Not because there aren’t a ton of amazing webcomics out there (believe me, there are!) but because I only have a very small amount of time I can dedicate to reading a webcomic, so the list of comics I follow are short.

Not only are they short, they’re stories. Because much as I love CTRL+ALT+DEL (and I do!) I just don’t feel that same sensation of fulfillment for having read them.

My list:

1) Nimona

I loved the character of Nimona from the very start. Then I loved Ballister. Then I got wrapped up in the story. And now? Now the story is winding up for the big climax, and even though I know the end is coming, I cannot wait for each new installment to be unveiled.

A comic with great characters, an engaging story, and it FINISHES. (or will finish, as it’s still got a little bit left to go, according to the artist/author).

Start Nimona’s Story Here
2) JL8**

A cute, fun ongoing story of our favorite superheroes in kindergarden. (I think it’s kindergarden, anyway)

Surprisingly witty and deep for being mostly episodal, but it has story arcs and as a comic-book fan? I got nothing but love for this.

Start JL8 Here

3) Spindrift

This one has the least amount of content and is updated the least often, but the story has me utterly engaged and the art absolutely blows me away.

Set in a fantasy world with winged folk and demonic folk, with gods and secret babies and mystery.

And the art. Did I mention the art?

Start Spindrift Here

4) My Milk Toof

The adorable story of two tiny teeth in a great big world. The adventures of Ickle and Lardee never fail to bring a smile, and the real-object artistry that goes into making each panel is fascinating to me.

Start My Milk Toof Here (you’ll have to scroll to the bottom to get the first adventure)

Your Turn!

Please recommend up to 5 webcomics you think other folks should look into if they have the time.


  • Steve July 31, 2014 at 10:55 am

    If you’re a geek as well as a nerd, XKCD is a must-read. But I’m sure all of you who appreciate science know this already.

    Do you like (or own) cats? Then forget about LOLCats, and check out Breaking Cat News. Three house cats report on the daily goings-on in their home in the style of “Eyewitness News” (or News Center 1, or whatever local schtick you’re afflicted with). These are real-life cats, by the way, and you owe it to yourself to read the entire series (it’s not terribly long). New comics generally appear Monday and Thursday.

    This last one may appear in some local newspapers, but Frazz is one I discovered while reading another blog, and I’ve added it to my daily Feedly routine. Frazz is the janitor (custodian?) at an elementary school who is into triathlons, running, swimming, and biking (yes, independent activities, and triathlons too). However, those sports are merely a backdrop to the life lessons presented by the schoolkids, the principal, and Frazz’s girlfriend, who is a teacher. (BTW, Frazz is not your typical janitor: clearly, he’s overqualified for the job, but as a counselor, he’s pretty inexpensive, I’m sure.)

  • Faith July 31, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    UGH YOU TERRIBLE PERSON I have been reading Nimona straight through for the past two hours what am I doing with my life

    • Perry August 1, 2014 at 9:38 am

      That was exactly my reaction when she first threw that my way.


  • Brad-o July 31, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    I don’t know what really would qualify something as “worth reading,” but here are the ones that I enjoy. I probably read most of these less because they’re good and more because I’ve somehow become emotionally attached to them. In some cases, it’s probably more like caring about a soap opera character’s torrid love affairs or whether your quarterback gets traded to another team.

    Dr. McNinja (http://drmcninja.com/) is a story about a man who betrayed his Irish ninja heritage to become a doctor instead of a hired killer. It’s a ridiculous sort of amazing filled with kids that develop “Paul Bunyan’s disease” to wizard ghosts to fighting Ronald McDonald for creating “McNinja” burgers that make you “silent but deadly”.

    All of that reminds me of Axe Cop (http://axecop.com/) — which I don’t read for reasons unknown. It’s a story written by a 5 year old and illustrated by his 29 year old brother about the adventures of a cop with an ax.

    What Steve said about XKCD (http://xkcd.com/).

    Hyperbole and a Half (http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/) is amazing when she updates (very infrequently). It’s more of a blog/journal format where she talks about events in her life and illustrates them. I’m not sure if it really qualifies as a web comic, but I’ll throw it out there anyway.

    The comics at “Nuklear Power” (http://www.nuklearpower.com/) have been a bit of a staple. “8-bit theatre” may have been the first web comic I read and I’ve enjoyed “How I Killed Your Master” (except he stopped making it and never finished) and “The Dreadful”.

    Questionable Content (http://questionablecontent.net/) is something I picked up and kept reading. It involves some “indie” adults and a few “anthro-pcs” and a coffee shop.

    • Brad-o August 1, 2014 at 3:12 am

      Ack. I did 6 on accident.