Writing is Not Magic


Magic Which of the following are magical? Concert Pianists Writers Stage Magicians Unicorns I'll give you a hint, it's not writers.  Stage Magicians and Concert Pianists Dara O Briain, one of my favorite comedians, has a 9 part comedy sketch up on youtube (start here, but NSFW language) during which he discusses the secret feud […]

Blogs As Conversations

Blogs To me, blogs are conversations. The kind of blog that does nothing but post "Top 250 Things You Wish You Knew About Earthworms" style posts, not so much. I don't know that I really call those "blogs" so much as "websites", though. (Semantics, yes, but I enjoy chasing the shapes of words I use […]

Sangre, a dream


Dreaming In Color I have a lot of crazy dreams. Rarely do I remember them, and rarer still do I remember enough pieces to stitch together into something coherent. The other night, I dreamed this, and took the time to write it up. It's rough and not going to go anywhere or even get polished, […]

(Mostly) Live!


There will be a few visual tweaks here and there on the theme (I never even got the previous theme to where I wanted it!) but I'd say TavenMoore is ready to hit the big time. New theme and new domain are a-go. I hope you enjoy the new look and the less cluttery navigation. […]

Coming Soon ...

TavenMoore.com It's not that I'm tired of TamiMoore.com (far from it!) but rather that branding matters, and I don't write alone. I sit at the keyboard and pound out words alone, but any writer will tell you that's the mechanical part. The heart and soul of a story are kindled separately, and that kindling is […]